27 April 2017

The shareholders’ meeting of MailUp S.p.A. approves the financial statements for the 2016 and appoints the Board of Directors, the Board of Statutory Auditors, and the audit firm. New authorisation for purchase and disposal of company’s own shares

Download the press release MailUp S.p.A. (the “Company” or “MailUp”), a company listed on AIM Italia multilateral trading system , and operating in the marketing technology field (Reuters: MAIL.MI) (Bloomberg: MAIL.IM) (ISIN IT0005040354), announces that the ordinary shareholders’ meeting, convened in a single call, was held today at the Company’s operational headquarters at 10, Via Dei Comizi Agrari, Cremona, as […]
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28 March 2017

MailUp’s Board of Directors approved the consolidated financial statements and draft financial statements for 2016

The Board of Directors of MailUp S.p.A., listed on the AIM Italia stock exchange and operating in the area of marketing technology (Reuters: MAIL.MI) (Bloomberg: MAIL.IM) (ISIN IT 0005040354), met today and examined the final figures for the 2016 financial year. The Company prepared its financial statements according to the IAS/IFRS international accounting standards for the first time; it therefore […]
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16 March 2017

MailUp introduces a new group website, as a reference point for media and investors

Download the press release MailUp SpA (Reuters: MAIL.MI) (Bloomberg: MAIL.IM) announces the launch of its new corporate website www.mailupgroup.com. The new website offers news, financial data and official reports as released by the MailUp Group, thus providing a reference point for investors, analysts and the media as far as the corporate aspects of MailUp SpA are concerned. A section of […]
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1 February 2017

Today sees the release of MailUp 9: the platform now has advanced automation features and a new design

Download the press release MailUp S.p.A. announces the launch of MailUp 9, a completely redesigned version of the platform that is enhanced with new functions for automation and Email & SMS Marketing. The platform is the result of an intense intervention on user experience: MailUp 9 offers a new interface thanks to the graphic redesign of all its sections, the […]
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27 September 2016

MailUp SpA’s Board of Directors approves the results as at June 30, 2016

The Group saw triple-figure growth in turnover and EBITDA in the first half of 2016, driven by its acquisitions and positive organic development of MailUp revenues, which has grown in double figures for the 20th half in a row. The adoption has been announced of the IAS/IFRS standards in the 2016 financial statements. Net profit at the end of 2016 is projected […]
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13 September 2016

MailUp joins the Anti-Phishing Working Group: a new drive to fight cybercrime

MailUp SpA [MAIL.MI] announces becoming part of the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) as a sponsoring member. Download the press release Made up of financial institutions, ISPs, ESPs, online retailers and solution providers, APWG is the international association dedicated to fighting cybercrime in the public and private sector, at entrepreneurial, governmental, legal and diplomatic level. With over 3,200 members from around […]
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9 June 2016

MailUp, new EnVent equity research: OUTPERFORM rating and target price of €3.16

EnVent Capital Markets makes the new equity research of MailUp available to the public, updated in the light of the financial year 2015. EnVent has confirmed the OUTPERFORM rating with a target price of €3.16. Read the new equity research of MailUp Analysts commented: “We updated our 2016-2018 assumptions taking in consideration the change in the scope of the SMS business […]
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11 April 2016

MailUp launches Enterprise, technology and consulting geared toward large enterprises

MailUp SpA (MAIL.MI) (ISIN IT0005040354) launches Enterprise, the day after Investor Day and the presentation of the 2015 financial statements. The new edition of the platform provides businesses with an advanced email and SMS marketing service, modeled on the customer’s specific needs and with dedicated consulting from our support teams. Download the press release Based on our experience with over […]
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29 March 2016

MailUp has approved the financial year 2015: strong increase in pro-forma production value (+135%), in pro-forma EBITDA (+255%) and pro-forma income (+1714%)

Milan, March 29, 2016 – the Board of Directors of MailUp S.p.A. listed on the AIM Italia market, operating in the marketing technology field (Reuters: MAIL.MI) (Bloomberg: MAIL.IM) (ISIN IT 0005040354) met today and examined the final figures for the financial year 2015. Download the press release The consolidated income statement does not include the effects of having acquired MailUp […]
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10 February 2016

Customer records for Acumbamail: +34% in the first 5 months post-acquisition

Customer records for Acumbamail, a Spanish Email Service Provider and subsidiary of MailUp, an industrial group operating in the field of marketing technologies. The young Spanish company saw a growth of approximately 34% in the first 5 months of post-acquisition work, from September 2015 to January 2016. There were 711 customers on 31 August 2015, as against 954 customers on […]
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