“MailUp S.p.A. has launched a sustainability reporting process, with the strategic objective of making its benefits transparent to Stakeholders inside and outside the company. Sustainability issues – environmental, social and ethical – have always been a fundamental part of the company’s DNA”. Thus begins the Letter to Stakeholders, available here in full version, which opens the document published today as the Company’s report on sustainability issues.

At its first edition, the MailUp Group Sustainability Report aims to make the company’s processes and practices transparent in relation to ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) issues. This is a document drawn up on a completely voluntary basis by MailUp Group, which, pursuant to Legislative Decree 254/2016, does not fall within the case of large public-interest entities required to report their non-financial performance.

It represents a first, important step towards the construction of transparency dynamics that create value and give light to the many activities undertaken by the Company over the years on different fronts – from environmental sustainability to governance, from attention to people to collaboration with universities and centers of research.

The reporting process

In its eighteen-year-long history, MailUp Group has always worked to leave a positive and lasting impact on the areas with which it comes into contact. Active involvement with local communities, collaboration with institutions, a special attention to people and a long-lasting commitment to the environment – the first Sustainability Report brings to the surface a treasure of initiatives, activities, choices and behaviours.

The reporting process started in November 2019, with the support of BDO Italia. The so-called “materiality analysis”, which involved all the main corporate functions, allowed to identify the “material”, or relevant, issues for MailUp Group.

From this evidence we derived the reporting scope, which was explored through the collection of data and information in close collaboration with the relevant corporate functions.

Materiality matrix

The report covers the period from 1 January to 31 December 2019 and was carried out in accordance with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards guidelines, according to the “Core” application level, so as to be placed immediately within a consolidated and internationally established framework.

And that’s not all: since sustainability is an integral and decisive part of MailUp S.p.A.’s objectives, the Sustainability Report was also drafted in accordance with the UN 2030 Agenda. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent “common objectives” to be achieved in areas relevant to sustainable development: among them, we identified the goals that proved most relevant to the nature of the business, and included them in the ESG Report in order to direct future actions.

Structure of the Report

From a structural point of view, the document consists of eight parts that convey all dimensions of the Company’s activities, starting from its corporate identity. The following are the areas in which the Company’s sustainability is represented: economic results, relations with investors, the customers which received our services, the quality of services rendered, the Company’s employees, relations with partners and suppliers, relations with the public and the environment.

The scope of the data and information contained in this document refers to the legal entity MailUp S.p.A., which employs the majority of people  within the group of companies belonging to the MailUp Group.

This choice was dictated by the caution imposed by this being the first year of reporting. Our commitment, starting from next year, will be to widen the scope to include the whole Group, including the activities of all five business units, operating in different markets and countries, with their consequent degree of complexity.

Next steps

The drafting of a Sustainability Report is not, as one may think, an annual commitment that ends with publication. It is a continuous and iterative process, taking start with this first issue and drawing from it the strategic direction for the Company’s social responsibility activities.



Article by Maria Giulia Ganassini
Corporate Communications Manager, MailUp Group

Maria Giulia Ganassini, Corporate Communications Lead, MailUp Group

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