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MailUp Group is an integrated industrial group that creates technologies for predictive marketing, mobile messaging and content creation, meant for organisations wishing to communicate effectively with their customers.


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Introducing Growens

Soon, MailUp Group will evolve into an entirely new brand – Growens. We are ready to let the “mail” in our name go, and to fully embrace our innermost calling: that of helping businesses grow thanks to our technology.

Get ready to welcome soon the new brand identity and related ticker symbol.

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Trusted by 23,000 companies worldwide

Group Keywords


  • Fast-growing industry: cloud software/marketing technology
  • Focus: data-driven omni-channel predictive marketing automation and mobile content creation
  • The only vertically integrated marketing technology player
  • Entered the predictive marketing space



  • +32% sales CAGR 2016-2020
  • +20% CAGR Gross Margin 2016-2020
  • +21% CAGR EBITDA 2016-2020


  • 5 acquisitions in 3 years

Global Expansion

  • Foreign sales from 10% to 54% from IPO
  • Serving 23,000+ clients in 115+ countries (130.000 including free users)
  • 240+ employees in 3 continents

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